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Dac-Nhuong Le is PhD, Deputy-Head of Faculty of Information Technology, Haiphong University, Vietnam. Vice-Director of Information Technology Apply Center in the same university. He is a research scientist of the Research and Development Center of Visualization & Simulation in (CSV), Duy Tan University, Danang, Vietnam. He has more than 45 publications in the reputed international conferences, journals and online book chapter contributions (Indexed By SCI, SCIE, SSCI, Scopus, ACM, DBLP). His area of research includes evaluation computing and approximate algorithms, network communication, security and vulnerability, network performance analysis and simulation, Cloud Computing, image processing in biomedical. His core work in network security, wireless, soft computing, mobile computing and biomedical. Recently, he has been the technique program committee, the technique reviews, the track chair for international conferences: FICTA 2014, CSI 2014, IC4SD 2015, ICICT 2015, INDIA 2015, IC3T 2015, INDIA 2016, FICTA 2016, IC3T 2016, ICDECT 2016, IUKM 2016, INDIA 2017, FICTA 2017, CISC 2017, ICICC 2018, ICCUT 2018 under Springer-ASIC/LNAI/CISC Series. Presently, he is serving in the editorial board of international journals, and he authored six computer science books by Springer, Wiley, CRC Press, Lambert Publication, VSRD Academic Publishing and Scholar Press.

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Hai Phong University (Vietnamese: Đại học Hải Phòng, abbr.: HPU) is a public university established in 1968 in Hai Phong as In-service University. In 2000, this university was merged with some other higher institutions in Hai Phong to become Hai Phong Education University. On 9 April 2004, the Prime Minister of Vietnam signed Decision 60/ 2004/ QĐ-TTg, to rename this university Hai Phong University.

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