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Arup Barman Biren Barman (B.30th June 1972) is a Professor (Full), at Department of Business Administration, JNSMS, Assam University, Silchar. He is a recipient of Post-Doctoral Research Award from UGC, 2009-2011 (India) for the project HRD Collaboration between India and South East Asian Nations; Barman is an Accredited Management Teacher (AMT) from AICTE-AIMA. He is a recipient of scholarship from Global Development Network (GDN) and (CIPPEC), Argentina: a Fellow Chartered Educator (honoris causa) issued under the academic treaty of Consortium Euro-America (CUE); A recipient of Best Reviewer Award-2011 from International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum (INPPRF); Best Teacher Award from MTC-Global in 2011 and Best Professor (Teacher) Award -2013 from the Association of Scientists and Developers Foundation- ASDF Global. Recipient of the Life Time Achievement Award-2019, from Global Outreach of Research and Academics Society, India. Professor Barman is the recipient of Distinguish Personality for the award International Academic Research, and Education Award-2019 will be conferred on May 2019, Delhi (India).

Fellow, Indian Society of Business Management (FISBM), Chennai; Fellow of Agri-Horticultural Society (FHAS), India; a Head (Hony) of International Research and Development Council (CCLP-Worldwide, a Consultative Organisation to ECOSOC, UN); a consultant of Lumen Publishing House (Romania). He is a Fellow of the World Business Institute, Australia. He has received recognition as Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA)-India for promotion of Humanitarian Causes; EURAXESS Recognized as Ambassador for Promoting Science, Technology, and Innovation in the Universities of North East India; An Ambassador of the Institute of Economic and Peace (IEP), USA; Official Ambassador to University of People (UoPeople), USA. Professor Barman is involved with International Mariingskaya Academy, a USSR based research organisation as a Secretary in the Department of Economics.

Professor Barman has more than 235 international research papers in various international journal of repute. He attended a couple of dozens of national and international seminar (in India and Abroad) and associating with academic and developmental projects.

His research interest is common ground research for Human Happiness, Peace, Economics, Business and Technology.

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Assam University (a Central University) established under the act of Parliament in the year 1994. The university is located in South Assam (Barak Valley). It has 38 PG-departments including Arts, Science, Commerce, Business Management and Engineering. There are 6-interdisciplinary courses taught at PG-and undergraduate level. Management department is a flagship department among all the department of the universities. Intake capacity of whole university is 2700/year.

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