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Dinesh C Sharma

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Dr Dinesh C Sharma was born in 1973. His field of Specialization are Toxicology, Biochemistry and Molecular biology and field of Innovative Expertise are Bio-musicology (Music Therapy) and education. He has been teaching and research in Government Colleges of U.P. since 2000. He is the founder chairperson of Indian Association of Music Therapy (IAMT). He establishes IAMT with a motto to “Establish music as a tool of therapy to treat various disorders scientifically and establish music to use as a drug in future”. He is also known for starting practical use of ICT in Govt. Colleges of U.P. (2007) and establishes the first Smart Class in Govt. P. G. College, Noida in 2010.

More than 150 of his research paper, articles have been published in journals, magazines, souvenir, proceedings, and newspapers of national and international reputation. An international publisher published his book four books. He has participated in 22 training courses on various topics and organised 10 national seminar, conferences, and workshops on bio-musicology and education. Under his supervision 2 candidates awarded M.Phil, and more than 800 students completed their projects. He is also known as an expert of education, bio-musicology and genotoxicology. His lectures and interviews are telecast on various television channels from time to time. He is also assigned additional work as Nodal Officer (Directorate)-RUSA, Member PAB-RUSA, Advisor-UPSAAC, SLQAC, Website by government. He is honoured by Shiksha Rattan Pushkar-2013, Shishak Shree Samman-2015 (UP State Award) and IEAS gold medal (2019). He is featured in “ScooNews” international magazine in 2017 for his work in music therapy.

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The college was established in 1997 and since then has played an important role in the promotion of higher education among girls of Badalpur and adjoining areas. The College started as an Arts Graduate College in 1997 and today it is a Post Graduate College with Post Graduation in nine subjects in Humanities, besides Science and Commerce at Graduate level since 2008. During this decade long journey the college has set up many milestones besides many other successes and achievements. One of the examples of such achievements is Ms Mintu Bansal, Lecturer in Hindi who is an old student of this college.

It has been a journey with the vision mission of quality relevant education. It aims at preserving traditional knowledge and intellectual heritage as well as generating innovative activities in the field of higher education.

Since its establishment in 1997, the College has not looked back. It has scaled new heights under the joint venture of various learned and eminent Principals, faculties, staff and students. KMGGPG College, Badalpur looks forward to continue its vision and mission of providing accessibility and imparting ‘quality education’ to the girls of Badalpur and adjoining areas.

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