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Ehsan Seyedi Hosseininia Seyed Masoud

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Ehsan Seyedi Hosseininia Seyed Masoud (born on 10 August 1980 at Mashhad city situated at the northeast of Iran) is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (FUM), Iran. He got his BSc from FUM in 2001. He obtained his MSc in 2003 and then he received his PhD degree in civil/geotechnical Engineering in 2008 from the University of Tehran (UT). He also spent a six-month sabbatical at Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées (LCPC) at Paris working on the stability of deep tunnel face. He started his academic career as a faculty member from 2009. He has several international research papers published in highly-ranked journals in different fields of geotechnical engineering such as geotechnical problems of ring footings, simulation of reinforced soils as a two-phase system (macroscopic view), blast in soils, and pipelines crossing the faults. He is also an expert in the simulation of granular materials behaviour using Discrete Element Method (DEM) by focusing on particle shape, fabric anisotropy, grain crushing and micromechanics. His research interests also include constitutive soil modelling, in situ soil testing, and problem-solving using method of characteristics. He has several national patents such as helical piles and insitu ground investigation instruments. At the moment, he is the supervisor of five PhD and eight MSc students at FUM. In addition to academic activities, he has worked more than 15 years as a senior/professional geotechnical engineer for several companies in the fields of oil/gas and marine projects. He has good experiences in different areas of geotechnical engineering such as piling (design and analysis, field tests such as PDA, etc.), retaining walls, marine geotechnics, urban excavations, and geotechnical earthquake engineering (e.g., seismic hazard analysis). He is also now engaged in some oil/gas projects as a geotechnical consultant.

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The first proposal for launching the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad was announced concurrently with the establishment of Tehran University in 1934. However, the first step was converting the Higher Institute of Public Health to a Medical Faculty in 1949. Shortly after, the Medical Faculty admitted its first group of medical students, and in December 1949 this institute was officially inaugurated as the first Center for Medical Sciences in the North East of Iran by the Minister of Culture, the late Dr. Zanganeh. Finally in 1956 after the foundation of the facultys of Literature and Theology, the complex was named “Mashhad University”. Later on in 1957, the rules and regulations for employment and education of Tehran University were adopted for use in this new university.

Since then other faculties have been gradually added to the university based on the local demand. These are the Faculty of Science (1961), the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Agriculture (1973), the Faculty of Engineering (1975), the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (1987), the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (1991), the Faculty of Mathematics (1996), the Faculty of Architecture, the Faculty of Urbanism and Islamic Arts, and the Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment (2001). In 1975 after the separation of the facultys related to the Medical Sciences from the university, the name of the university was changed from “Mashhad University” to “The Ferdowsi University of Mashhad”.

The Ferdowsi University of Mashhad has now nearly seven decades of brilliant educational, research and cultural history and it is well known among institutes of higher education in Iran. It is currently one of the nation’s top three universities and also the largest center of higher education in the North East of Iran.

At present, the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad is composed of 12 facultys, 38 research centers, 7 centers of excellence, 820 faculty members (%50 of whom are professors or associate professors), over 20000 students (9996 undergraduate, 6143 Masters, and 3905 Ph.D. students), and 1050 staff members.

Currently, 1279 foreign students are enrolled in different academic programs at the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. In addition, there are also 187 foreign students who are passing their six-month training courses in language at the International Center for Teaching Persian to Non-Persian Speakers. These students would begin their academic education after they pass this six-month course of study.

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