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Ramarathnam Ramachandran

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Ramarathnam Ramachandran is presently focussing on Embedded Controls for Electrical Machines, mainly for Energy Conservation, Renewable Energy, Power Conditioning & Measurement. Developed solutions for AC, Brushless DC, Brushless Synchronous & Switched Reluctance motors. He is focussing on Energy Conservation in select verticals like Appliances, Automotive, Fluid Handling Systems, Textile Spinning Machinery Drives, Portable Electric Tools, Controls for Generators in Renewable Energy Systems and Solar Submersible Pumps, Fans, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Power Conversion for Solar/UPS, etc..

A total and novel solution for rooftop solar systems for homes & offices has been developed by this company and introduced in the market recently. Combining the three ideologies that are in vogue presently amongst Electrical Engineers in the world, viz., Distributed Generation, Smart Grid and LVDC (Low Voltage DC) appliances, the company has come out with a ‘Smart Micro Grid using Hybrid Appliances’. Amongst the key features of this technology is the drastic reduction in Power Plant rating and rooftop area requirements. Focused work on Green Electricity for Water, Appliances, Livelihood Equipment and Transportation.

Earlier promoted ELECTRODYN, Chennai. Was the key supplier of appliance motors for leading Indian & MNC brands for Mixi, Vacuum Cleaner, Washing M/C, etc. He developed and marketed several innovative motors like Vibrator Motors, Torque Motors, Actuator Motors, High-Frequency Motors to leading companies in India. Established automated winding lines for mass production of stators & rotors for the above motors and designed and developed the entire range of machines indigenously. Established ISO 9001 in the early nineties. The company produced millions of motors for home appliances in the period the mid-Eighties & the Nineties. Several import substitution items were developed for Defence and Public Sector Companies like BEL, BHEL, DRDO, Hindustan Shipyard, Mazogaon Docks, et al. by this company.

Earlier worked in Jay Engineering Works Ltd., at their Hyderabad R & D as development manager (electrical) and introduced new designs for fans and machine winding for stators.

Commenced career with Jyoti Ltd., Vadodara after post graduation. Reached the position of Senior Development Engineer in charge of Electric Motor Development including HT motors. Was the leader of the team for commissioning Primary coolant pump set & moderator pump set for the nuclear power plant at Kota, Rajasthan. Has handled several innovative projects in the R & D, the chief among them being Computerisation of Electrical Machine Design.

Has been managing successfully for the last 40 years a well-knit team of Electrical, Electronics and Mechanical Engineers. Has handled and successfully concluded several product developments, right from the design stage to mass production stage. Also well versed in Quality management including TQM techniques and ISO 9000 certification. Vast experience in handling the entire operations of a light engineering company in all its aspects like Design & Development, Production Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Production, Quality Assurance, Marketing & Aftermarket support.

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Basil Energetics is a company incorporated in India in October 2013. Basil’s vision is to develop electrical energy supply & management solutions holistically by addressing Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy simultaneously to enable Sustainable Electricity Access for the masses. The company’s work centres around Clean Energy for Water, Home Needs & Transportation in line with UN SDG 7 – “Clean & Affordable Energy for All.”

The company is a successor to Universal Electrodynamics, well known for small electric motors for appliances and supplying to leading Indian and International companies like Sumeet, Eureka Forbes, Whirlpool, Panasonic, etc. The motor manufacturing activities are now hived off into an associate unit under the name Westcott Electricals Private Limited. Westcott presently has been supplying automotive alternators to Bosch India for the last 14 years at the rate of about 1000 units per day.

Presently Basil is focussed on combining energy efficiency with renewable energy and smart Nano/Microgrid to provide the end user green and affordable electricity access. A range of super-efficient DC appliances like Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Freezer, Fan, LED Lights and Water Pumps have been developed which can operate from DC of the solar panels, without the need for an inverter. Thee overall CAPEX and OPEX are drastically reduced.

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