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Shaker Arafat Mohamed

WBR 2019

Shaker Arafat Mohamed Professor at Oils & Fats Department, Food Technology Research Institute, Agricultural Research Center, I worked at the food technology research institute from 1996. I have 24-years experience in food science and technology especially edible oils and fats. I have many papers in the field of edible oils and fats, food science, biochemistry, nutrition, antioxidants, bioactive components, olive oil, and olives technology processing and technology published in an international journal. I am supervising of many MSc. and PhD thesis. Participate in many scientific projects. Participate in many national and international conferences. I attend some national and international training course. Reviewer and editorial board in some international journal Participate in some scientific societies. Participate in many training programs in the field of food science.

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Food processing research departments were distributed between field crops research institute and horticultural research institute. So it was necessary to gather these departments in one institute in order to integrate the research work between all food processing sectors.

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