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Honorary degrees by Nomination

The Book of Researchers in association with few independent Universities awards honorary degrees on a selective basis to distinguished individuals who merit exceptional recognition for substantial achievement and distinction in a field or activity consonant with the mission of the university or the independent Colleges as articulated in the Statement of Purpose. Through its choice of honorary degree recipients and the university makes a public declaration of its own values. This award is distinct from other awards offered in that it is not limited to, while not excluding, alumni or those making a direct impact on the University or Colleges.

Our honorary doctorate degrees are awarded to leaders of national and international eminence in their areas of endeavor. This unique University honorary doctorate recognizes profound contributions in the Arts, Science and Technology, Education, Politics and Law, Public Service, Humanitarian Pursuits, Religion and Moral Leadership, and Civil Rights. The honorary doctorate recognizes and encourages ideas, values, and accomplishments of individuals from all walks of life who significantly contribute to discussion and debate of thought, science, humanitarian pursuits, beauty, freedom, social development, international development and sustainable education.

The honorary degree will stem from a legitimate, renowned university. The University uses these program to raise funds for some of its research projects (through a reasonable donation that applies). The university maintains a complete and permanent record on each honorary doctor and responds promptly to requests for validation when authorized by the recipient of the university.

An honorary degree may be awarded to a person satisfying the following criteria:

1. Outstanding accomplishment in the honoree’s field, with national status wherever appropriate;
2. Demonstration of the values articulated in the Statement of Purpose of the College, making the honoree a fitting role model for students;
3. Some tie to BoR, or this region of the Swaziland, Malawi, Ruanda, Nigeria, Ghana, Benin and other countries which makes recognition especially appropriate.

Nominations are vetted by the Committee on Honorary Degrees, comprised of representatives from the Faculty, Administration, Alumni, and Board of Governors. Both the Faculty and the Board of governors will vote to endorse a candidate before an honorary degree is granted.

The BoR also accepts potential candidates for an honorary degree if the following criteria are met

1. Bachelor degree or a third level Qualification or Professional Qualification
2. Ten years of experience in a particular field
3. Holding a senior position in the private or public body or organization
4. Registrar Application
5. Committee review/recommendation fee of depending on applicant Nationality
6. Curriculum vitae and supporting documents
7. Passport size photo
8. Statement of purpose
9. Donation or statement of support for future students of the University as a role model or trustee.

To Apply use the online application form. For those requesting an honorary degree by the application should make sure that they fulfill the criteria before paying any Registrar handling fee.

Note: A reasonable handling fee is to be paid.  Applicants should be able to donate to the University especially for research projects. There are NO additional costs.

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