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One of the remarkable titles in Academic World. This is usually conferred on people who are having years of experience in Teaching world and Research environment.

At the BookofResearchers, when your profile is listed with us you can apply for Professorship certificate. An individual excellence committee which joins once in six months (viz., June & December) analyzes, evaluates and gives the recommendation to the board about granting or denying the conferment of the title.

Enter the details in the form and attach your latest copy of your CV including all your Experience, Academic contributions, teaching area and Research Works. Along with this the strong “Why to consider?” answer will help the committee in making the right decision.

Note: Don’t apply for Honorary Professorship, we don’t confer Honorary Professor.

International Professorship Recognition™

International Professorship Recognition™ is available only for the Professors who are eligible to be as a Professor as per the International Standards set by the council. The council decides the eligibility to be recognised based on various factors including the number of Publications, its impact, number of books published, teaching experience and others.

This IPR is a set to be one of the International Standards, which is accepted by most of the countries and their education universities. IPR is globally recognised by the Universities as their evaluation process is highly simplified by the team of International Experts from the EU Zone, Asia Zone and AP Zones.

At IPR, we evaluate if a Professor is Technically Qualified enough to hold the title as PROFESSOR. Though there could be numerous patterns, our evaluation is all about the following metrics.

  • Teaching Experience
  • Curriculum Development
  • Books Written
  • Patents obtained
  • Journal Published
  • Conferences Presented
  • Industrial Experience to Age ratio.
  • Administrative Experience

And various other components will be included in the evaluation.

Stage 1: Prepare your CV and submit the form by clicking APPLY FOR PROFESSORSHIP.

Stage 2: Evaluation happens on 30 June and 30 December every year.

Stage 3: Results sent on 1st July and 1st January every year.

Stage 4: Request for the Digital Certificate or with Add-ons.

Stage 5: Validate and ascertain if the information is correct in the validation.

International Professorship Recognition Certificate can be validated online using the CertificateHouse. Click on the below link and enter your Certificate ID.

Add-Ons are Optional

Digital certificate: £ 15

Physical Certificate: £ 60 + Shipping

Apostle: £ 150 + UK Government Fees

Embassy Attestation: £ 150 + Embassy Fee

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