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Book of Researchers, was established in the year 2017 at Oxford, the United Kingdom by a couple of Emeritus Professor hailing from the Top-Most University of the World. Everyone in this world is being appreciated and recognised by one or other, but the Researchers / Scientists are not adequately acknowledged.

If someone is a Scientist, their value is utterly unknown until their demise or if something is achieved very big. For example, Prof. Stephen Hawking, a renowned Professor & Scientist wasn’t known by most of the people until he was lighted up. The situation is same for more than 99% of the researchers across the world.

We want to best serve you and your endeavours through systematic, technical components that seamlessly blend with your well-crafted concepts. Think of us as the extra nudge to propel your ideas into existence.

Founders & Funders

Prof. Steve Heck

steve heck

Prof. Eric Smith

eric smith

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