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How many days it takes to generate a biography?

After receiving the biography information, a team will evaluate the contents appropriability. After validation of the necessary inputs, your card will be charged, and you should get your biography within three working days from the date when your card was charged.

Can I update some contents after my card is Charged?

When the card is charged, it is the indication that the team has begun its processing. So, it wouldn’t be possible to update the content. You need to fill the form again to process.

Is there any discounts for the revision of my Profile?

There are no revision or preview of the generated biography. The biography is being prepared by language experts and verified or validated thrice before it is being sent to you.

Why do you charge us for this content service?

We wanted to do it free of cost, but the content writers are demanding us to pay, the servers are demanding us to pay, the banks are asking us to pay. So, only the basic amount is being charged.

Will you automatically include my profile into the yearbook?

No, we won’t include your profile. That is a separate process, and it is your responsibility to do it.

Biography Inclusion

Is the inclusion is merit basis or invitation basis?

The inclusion is highly open and self-nomination based. Individual Researchers provide their information to get it publicised.

My inclusion was rejected, can I re-apply?

Yes, you can apply immediately when there had been changes amended in your biography.

What are the possible reasons to reject my biography inclusion request?

When the Biography is not in the right format, or photo not in the acceptable format or Affiliated organization information is invalid, we will reject.

Is there any charge for the inclusion?

Strictly ZERO. We don’t charge anything for the inclusion.

What is the CopyRight Fee?

The Copyrights Fee is charged by an external agency who maintain and issue the copyrights to include your profile into the physical book. It is GBP 2 for most of the members.

Will you not publish the included profile if copyright fee not paid?

Yes, we don’t publish the profiles whose copyrights are not obtained. As well as we will remove it immediately from our web system also. This is in guidelines with the GDPR law effective from May 1, 2018.

Book of Researchers - Buying Editions

Is the sale is only for those profiles included?

No, it is open to all. Anyone can buy it and use it without commercial value.

Is there any discount for Non-Profit organizations and Academic bodies?

Yes, there is a discount for the Non-Profit organizations and Academic bodies. Please contact us for the discounted billing.

Does Pre-Ordering Book saves money?

Yes, when you pre-order the book, you can save almost 50% of the cost.

When will be book be dispatched if pre-ordered?

If ordered directly, it will be sent before 2 days of the release of the book. If it is through our partners, it will take up to 5 days from the release date.


Is Professorship is for SALE?

No, we don’t sell these titles. Submit your CV with your publications, experience and academic qualifications. A team will evaluate with International Guidelines and if you are eligible, they will issue the Professorship.

What if I am not eligible, but I have paid certificate, attestation or others?

If you are not eligible, we will refund the entire add-on fees within 7 working days.

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